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Businesses and users are leveraging technology to interact and conduct transactions in increasing numbers of ways. As a result, the volume of transactional data is growing exponentially. Businesses must be able to access, analyze, and act on that data faster than ever. Those trends are driving requirements in key areas, including: Availability (approaching or at 24×7); Reduced Latency (moving from batch to real time); Heterogeneous Support (IT flexibility); and Transaction Integrity (as data is moved between systems).

For the IT organization, this means there should be solutions in place that can facilitate the efficient real-time movement and verification of data across a mixed IT environment. Extreme Data Control offers technology solutions for Enterprise Data Management (EDM), enabling our customers to easily capture, transform, route, deliver, and verify data transactions in real time and across distributed, heterogeneous databases and platforms.

Our main technology products include:

EDC Management – The heart of Extreme Data Control’s technology offerings is its EDM software platform, which consists of decoupled process modules that can be configured for a variety of solutions that enable improved high availability/disaster tolerance and real-time data integration. EDM can support a variety of databases and platforms for source and target systems.

EDC Director – Extreme Data Control Director is an add-on product to the EDM platform. DB Director is a centralized, server-based graphical application that offers an easy way to define, configure, deploy, manage, and report on the Extreme Data Control EDM processes that are in the customer environment.

EDC Verified – A stand-alone product, Extreme Data Control Verified is a high-speed, low-impact data comparison solution that identifies and reports data discrepancies that may exist as data is replicated between two databases. DB Verified operates without interrupting those systems or the business applications they support.