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    Extreme Data Control provides High Availability and Real-Time Data Integration solutions

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    High Availability/Disaster Tolerance and Real-Time Data Integration

  • EDC Management

    Where more business-critical systems are concerned, IT requirements are significantly more aggressive

  • EDC Director

    Extreme Data Control Director allows organizations to easily manage their Extreme Data Control Enterprise Data Management (EDM) deployments

  • High Availability

    As end users’ patience levels decline and expect that systems should be…

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    Extreme Data Control for Energy and Utility

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    Extreme data Control for Telecommunications

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    Extreme Data Control Director Extreme Data Control Director

  • Data Integration

    Data coming into the organization from various business applications

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    Extreme Data Control for Travel and Hospitality

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    Extreme data control for retail and e-commerce

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    Businesses and users are leveraging technology to interact

Enterprise Data Management

Extreme Data Control is the market leader in Enterprise Data Management (EDM) which enables critical business applications to deliver real-time, continuous access to real-time information.  Click here to learn more.

Extreme Data Control EDM’s major benefits provide:

  • Real-Time Data

    As new transactions are committed at the source database(s), that data is immediately captured, transformed (as needed), and delivered to other systems with only sub-second latency

  • Continuous Availability

    Extreme Data Control works without requiring system interruption or outage windows, and its architecture enables solutions that keep the data for your critical applications available 24×7 during planned or unplanned outages

  • Heterogeneous Support

    The underlying databases and platforms for those critical applications can be heterogeneous, allowing significant flexibility for the IT department

  • High Performance with Low Impact

    Extreme Data Control can support the movement of thousands of transactions per second yet imposes negligible impact on the source and target systems

  • Transaction Integrity

    As data transactions are moved between source and target systems, Extreme Data Control ensures those transactions retain referential integrity so that the true business activity and history is kept intact.

  • More than Replication

    Extreme Data Control EDM enables enhanced solutions to improving uptime for applications and databases, beyond what traditional data replication and backup technologies provide


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Our data control solutions will be catered to your organizations needs. Below are a few examples of the types of industries that we service:

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Extreme Data Control’s technology offerings enable companies to easily and successfully implement a variety of solutions for improving the availability, accessibility, and performance of critical data across enterprise systems. We offer High Availability/Disaster Tolerance and Real-Time Data Integration.

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Extreme Data Control offers technology solutions for Enterprise Data Management (EDM), enabling our customers to easily capture, transform, route, deliver, and verify data transactions in real time and across distributed, heterogeneous databases and platforms.

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Extreme Data Control offers a full range of services for our customers, including training, consulting and support. A combination of on-site and on-line training is used to ensure that both administrators and end-users are fluent with their EDC solutions.

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