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Extreme Data Control’s technology offerings enable companies to easily and successfully implement a variety of solutions for improving the availability, accessibility, and performance of critical data across enterprise systems.

The two primary solution areas are High Availability/Disaster Tolerance and Real-Time Data Integration, which deliver Real-Time Access to Real-Time Information.

Utilizing Extreme Data Control’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software platform, these Solutions include:


High Availability and Disaster Tolerance
  • HA/DT solutions enabled by Extreme Data Control EDM allow our customers to deliver improved continuity and service for their critical applications and databases.
  • Live Standby — A high availability software implementation that significantly improves recovery time for business-critical systems, enabling a real-time backup system and re-synchronization with the primary system.
  • Zero-Downtime Operations — An exceptional solution for reducing planned outages for high availability during necessary system upgrade, migration, and maintenance activities.
  • Active-Active — A load-sharing, high availability solution for improving performance and reliability for two (or more) systems, including data conflict detection and resolution capabilities.
  • Database Tiering — An unlimited scalability solution for improved performance and availability of systems, achieved by off-loading read-only activity from critical primary transaction processing systems.


Real-Time Data Integration


  • Using Extreme Data Control EDM for data integration, batch processing is replaced with real-time, continuous feeds of data between systems — and overall total cost of ownership is greatly reduced.
  • Real-Time Data Warehousing — A solution that eliminates batch outages and provides real-time capture and delivery of the most changed data from OLTP systems to the data warehouse.
  • Live Reporting — A data integration solution that makes the most current data always available to support real-time reporting needs, yet off-loads this activity from the primary source database.
  • Transactional Data Integration — For point-to-point data integration, this solution provides real-time data for any configuration topology needs, including one to many, many to one, many to many, or even cascading.