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About EDC

Extreme Data Control is the market leader in Enterprise Data Management (EDM) which enables critical business applications to deliver real-time, continuous access to real-time information.

Extreme Data Control’s EDM technologies are used for solutions that capture, transform, route, deliver, and verify transactional data in real-time across heterogeneous IT systems. Customers worldwide spanning major industries have deployed solutions using for high availability/disaster tolerance and real-time data integration.

Businesses and IT application users increasingly must be able to access, analyze, and act on new data faster than ever, often in real time – and without system interruption or downtime. Extreme Data Control meets those needs, allowing high volumes of transactional data to be moved across operational and analytical business systems with sub-second speed, low overhead, and with accuracy, reliability, and integrity.

For our customers, using EDM means less downtime and performance problems for key transactional applications and sub-second integration of operational data to drive vastly improved business intelligence.