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edc_verifiedExtreme Data Control Verified is a high-speed data comparison solution that identifies and reports data discrepancies between databases without interrupting ongoing business processes. Using Extreme Data Control Verified, companies can audit and verify large volumes of data across different business applications with absolute certainty. Extreme Data Control Verified reduces the amount of time and resources required to compare data, minimizes the impact of human errors, and ensures that potential problems can be instantly identified and addressed.

Extreme Data Control Verified gives customers capabilities for:

  • Unparalleled speed and efficiency
  • Comparisons while both data sources are online
  • Flexible reporting for varying roles and access levels
  • Support for large volumes
  • Selective comparison
  • Unattended execution

Why Use Extreme Data Control Verified? It is inevitable for data discrepancies to arise even without malicious intent or poor process control. Data gets corrupted due to infrastructure problems, unplanned outages, application errors, operator mistakes or unexpected user behavior. Unless companies put vigilant verification procedures in place, data inconsistencies across different business applications can yield unexpected results and lead to regulatory, financial or legal risks.

Ongoing Data Quality Assurance – Business managers and IT personnel may need to periodically (or frequently) check that data is delivered accurately between source and target systems, as a means for ensuring that the systems and processes are behaving as they should. Extreme Data Control Verified significantly speeds and simplifies the work involved in conducting these checks and for reporting on the outcomes.

Compliance and Auditing – With the advent of new regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II, and HIPAA, corporations and their executives are subjected to extraordinary levels of accountability. In order to ensure the accuracy of the underlying data that comprise their statements, companies need to eliminate data discrepancies across operational and reporting systems. Leveraging Extreme Data Control Verified, companies can quickly confirm data consistency across disparate systems within their enterprise.

Acceptance Testing – To meet changing business needs, applications are created or modified continuously. The impact of this evolving environment has to be evaluated and new functionality verified to avoid unexpected behavior and data corruption. Extreme Data Control Verified provides a mechanism for rapid discovery and reconciliation of data deviations, through selective comparison capabilities and unparalleled speed.

Troubleshooting – Data discrepancies arise due to a wide variety of reasons during the day-to-day operations of the data infrastructure. IT personnel spend a significant amount of time and effort in identifying and correcting these issues as a part of their daily routine. Further, most of these data inconsistencies are uncovered when an end-user realizes the problem and after the business is impacted. Using Extreme Data Control Verified, data disparities can be proactively discovered and before they adversely affect business operation.

Inaccurate data can create a range of potential risks to the business if not addressed. Such risks may include decisions based on incorrect data, backup systems that cannot be operational when needed, failed service level agreements, and even financial and legal risk exposure. To mitigate those risks, Extreme Data Control Verified provides an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for identifying out-of-synch conditions in data — before those discrepancies negatively impact the business.