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As a result, companies need an enabling platform for allowing business applications to benefit from real-time access to real-time information, without compromising availability and performance.
To address those business requirements and new realities, Extreme Data Control Software provides its Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform to enable high volumes of transactional data to be moved continuously between enterprise systems with sub-second speed, preserved data integrity, and with minimum impact to those systems.

Extreme Data Control EDM’s major benefits provide:

  • Real-Time Data – As new transactions are committed at the source database(s), that data is immediately captured, transformed (as needed), and delivered to other systems with only sub-second latency.
  • Continuous Availability – Extreme Data Control works without requiring system interruption or outage windows, and its architecture enables solutions that keep the data for your critical applications available 24×7 during planned or unplanned outages.
  • Heterogeneous Support – The underlying databases and platforms for those critical applications can be heterogeneous, allowing significant flexibility for the IT department.
  • High Performance with Low Impact – Extreme Data Control can support the movement of thousands of transactions per second yet imposes negligible impact on the source and target systems.
  • Transaction Integrity – As data transactions are moved between source and target systems, Extreme Data Control ensures those transactions retain referential integrity so that the true business activity and history is kept intact.
  • More than Replication – Extreme Data Control EDM enables enhanced solutions to improving uptime for applications and databases, beyond what traditional data replication and backup technologies provide.

Extreme Data Control supports a wide range of database versions for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 OS/390 and UDB, Sybase, Enscribe, SQL/MP and SQL/MX, and Teradata running on UNIX, Windows, and HP Nonstop platforms. Delivery can be made to any ODBC compliant database.

Key architecture features include:

  • Log-based capture of new data transactions committed at the source database
  • Sub-second delivery of data from source to target
  • Simple, low-impact architecture (no need for third/middle tier)
  • Transformations and mappings
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Flexible topologies including bi-directional data flowConflict detection and resolution (for active-active/multi-master)

Companies need an enabling platform for allowing disparate applications and databases to benefit from real-time access to real-time information — without compromising availability and performance. Extreme Data Control EDM should be evaluated for such needs.