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on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration and High Availability solutions enable travel and hospitality companies to decrease operational costs, improve customer service, and maximize revenue via:

  • A single view of the customer, which enables personalized offerings
  • Dynamic pricing of perishable services based on changes in the market
  • Real time resource optimization, to manage operational costs based on changing business events
  • A highly scalable IT infrastructure that delivers high performance and continuous availability for a low total cost of ownership

Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration solutions allow companies to integrate disparate information such as reservations, flight schedules, seat or room availability, product and service purchases, loyalty/rewards programs, and customer histories, in real time. Using a single view of the customer, travel and hospitality companies can attract and retain more customers with personalized offerings. Reliable and timely information allows airlines; hotels and other travel service providers to maximize revenue from their perishable services via pricing that can be adjusted dynamically according to rapidly changing supply and demand. Up-to-date information access also enables companies to manage operations with greater efficiency and optimize limited resources to decrease operational costs.

Extreme Data Control High Availability solutions enable continuous access to mission-critical systems such as reservations, flight dispatch, and customer portals during not only unplanned outages but also planned outages such as upgrades, migrations, and maintenance. EDC solutions also help online travel and reservation systems avoid performance degradation and increase scalability, by offloading heavy look-up activity to one or more cost-effective secondary databases.

Extreme Data Control’s solutions are powered by the EDC Transactional Data Management(TDM) software platform, which provides guaranteed capture, routing, transformation, delivery, and verification of transactional data across heterogeneous environments in real time.



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