on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control Real-Time Data Integration and High Availability solutions enable telecommunications, cable, and media companies to maximize profitability and reduce churn via:

  • Providing new, bundled services to meet subscribers’ rising demands
  • Offering an integrated and intuitive customer experience
  • Improving revenue management
  • Simplifying and modernizing IT infrastructure for agility and lower cost of ownership

Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration solutions make it possible for communication companies to achieve an up-to-date, unified view of subscribers to provide a seamless customer experience and personalized offerings. Timely information about subscribers’ usage, response to campaigns, service requests, and life events allows communications companies to deliver personalized services and offers to reduce churn and increase the average revenue per user (ARPU). By distributing customer data between OSS/BSS systems and different customer touch-points in real time, EDC Real-Time Data Integration solutions enable multi-channel contact management and customer self-service solutions. Furthermore, utilizing real-time data in rating and billing processes improves revenue generation and collection for prepaid or advanced voice, messaging, and data services.

Extreme Data Control’s High Availability solutions provide continuous availability for mission-critical systems such as billing, CRM, and customer portal systems, to maximize revenues by avoiding lost sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. EDC High Availability also enables telecommunications companies to consolidate their legacy systems or data centers, and migrate to new applications without impacting business operations. EDC solutions minimize the risks associated with such complex migration or consolidation projects.


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