on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control provides High Availability and Real-Time Data Integration solutions that enable hospitals and healthcare/clinical organizations to improve patient care and reduce costs via:

  • Faster and better diagnoses and treatment
  • Efficient management of patient flow and critical resources
  • Continuous operations for reliable, uninterrupted patient care

Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration solutions help healthcare organizations arrive at accurate diagnoses faster and respond to patients’ treatment needs more quickly via access to the most current patient data available. Real-time information about the status of critical supplies, such as blood or medicine, helps organizations to ensure that practitioners always have the materials they need. Real-time information about the status of patients, staff, and equipment, such as whether a room is available or the number of patients waiting in ER and their status, helps healthcare organizations to streamline the workflow across departments, optimize the use of scarce resources, and provide better care for patients.

Extreme Data Control High Availability solutions allows hospitals and other healthcare organizations to maintain the continuous availability of critical clinical information systems such as electronic medical records, physician order entry (POE) systems, and health data repositories, helping organizations to provide uninterrupted care. And to help minimize costs associated with data loss, Extreme Data Control High Availability solutions allow immediate recovery in the event of a physical disaster or other unplanned outage, without data loss or service interruption.


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