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on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration and High Availability solutions enable energy and utility companies to implement green energy programs, reduce operational costs, maintain their compliance standing, and better serve their customers, via:

  • “Smart grid” technology and other energy-efficiency initiatives
  • Improved risk management in trading
  • Better life-cycle management for revenue-generating assets
  • Reliable self-service offerings
  • A robust data infrastructure for continuous access to mission-critical systems

Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration solutions offer bi-directional data movement across the supply-chain to help energy companies implement “smart grid” technology, which provides operational savings, greater energy-efficiency options, and many innovative customer offerings. For both energy and utility companies real-time data access allows better management of critical, revenue-generating assets, where companies can continuously monitor and analyze asset utilization to perform maintenance in a timely manner. In addition, real-time information access enables immediate and accurate analysis of market positions for better risk management in energy trading. Furthermore, EDC solutions allow utilities companies to capture and distribute real-time customer billing information to provide online self-service applications with accurate data.

Extreme Data Control High Availability solutions provide continuous availability for critical IT systems such as metering, billing, trading, and customer care systems that affect service delivery and revenue generation. EDC solutions enable energy and utility companies to improve their IT systems’ performance and scalability while lowering total cost of ownership.

Extreme Data Control’s solutions are powered by EDC Transactional Data Management (TDM) software platform, which provides guaranteed capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous environments in real time.

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