on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration and High Availability solutions enable retailers and e-businesses to offer the right product at the right price and at the right time via:

  • Enhanced management of the supply chain and store operations
  • Integrated and personalized multi-channel customer service
  • Improved price planning using low-latency demand data
  • Continuous operations for mission-critical systems

Extreme Data Control’s Real-Time Data Integration solutions empower retail companies to maximize sales at the full margin when demand is high, and act quickly to reduce slow-moving stock to make space for higher-yield merchandise. Low-latency information allows retailers to dynamically optimize prices and inventory in response to minute-by-minute changes, such as weather conditions, real-time sales figures, or a competitor’s promotion, as a way to maximize revenue opportunities and retain customers. Tracking and responding to inventory status in real time can prevent stock-outs that result in missed revenue opportunities.

By leveraging a unified view into a customer’s recent activities across different channels, retailers can offer seamless, multi-channel customer service to increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, up-to-date customer information enables retailers to provide timely and targeted cross sell offers that lead to higher revenues.

Extreme Data Control’s High Availability solutions enable continuous operations for mission-critical systems including point-of-sale, credit card processing, e-commerce, inventory and distribution, and customer service applications, during both unplanned and planned outages.

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