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on Feb 4, 16
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Extreme Data Control Director

Extreme Data Control Director allows organizations to easily manage their Extreme Data Control Enterprise Data Management (EDM) deployments. As an optional add-on for new or existing Extreme Data Control customers, Extreme Data Control Director is a server-based product that features an intuitive graphical interface for centrally designing, configuring, managing, monitoring, and reporting on the Extreme Data Control processes implemented across your business.


  1. Centralized configuration, management, and monitoring of Extreme Data Control EDM solutions
  2. Rich-client and Web-based interfaces for increased visibility into Extreme Data Control processes
  3. Alert notifications and integration with third-party monitoring products
  4. Real-time feedback on Extreme Data Control processes
  5. Zero-impact implementation that retains the high performance of Extreme Data Control EDM solutions

Extreme Data Control Director communicates with, controls, and monitors the Extreme Data Control EDM software processes, and it runs transparently on top of those processes with no impact on solution performance. In addition, Extreme Data Control Director can be integrated with third-party monitoring solutions that may be part of a customer’s existing investment.

With the addition of Extreme Data Control Director, users can improve the productivity and responsiveness of the IT staff, leverage existing infrastructure to maximize their return on investment, and reduce the time to production of essential EDM solutions.

Extreme Data Control Director Benefits:

  • Rapid Deployment — GUI-based configuration reduces the introduction of human errors and enables rapid production of multi-server solutions from a central location.
  • Consolidated Information — Process status, lag time, and event information from multiple servers is consolidated for simplified viewing, reporting, and alerting purposes.
  • Centralized Management — Extreme Data Control processes on multiple hosts can be started and stopped, and their status investigated from either a Web-based or rich-client interface.
  • Real-Time Feedback — Extreme Data Control solutions are updated in real time as configuration and status change. Problems are instantly highlighted.
  • Intelligent Parameter Selection — Parameters valid for a particular Extreme Data Control component on a particular platform are automatically made available, while invalid parameters are trapped at design, not run time.
  • Powerful, Extensible Alerting Infrastructure — Out-of-the-box alerts enable email notifications to be sent based on configurable rules. Further, it provides capabilities to integrate with third-party management solutions.
  • Zero Impact on Extreme Data Control Solutions — Extreme Data Control Director runs transparently on top of Extreme Data Control solutions with no impact on performance.

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