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Today, online applications are more important to the business than ever — therefore, those mission-critical applications are expected to provide users with uninterrupted availability, top performance, and real-time integrated data.

Extreme Data Control is the leader in Enterprise Data Management (EDM) technology that supports the data architecture of the real-time enterprise. Extreme Data Control EDM technology lets the IT organization deploy solutions that capture, transform, and deliver transactional data with sub-second speed between heterogeneous Operational and Analytical systems.

“Billions of data transactions are processed around the world every day. The ability to make that data instantly accessible and continuously available represents a significant competitive edge for businesses in any industry. For instance, in banking, real-time synchronization of transactions offers zero downtime, 24×7 access to customer funds and helps prevent fraud. In healthcare, medical history data that is integrated in real-time is critical to the immediate and accurate treatment and care of patients. Our innovative technology fulfills the promise of large volume, real-time data movement and management across diverse IT environments. Protecting, integrating and sharing transactional data in real-time is the most effective way for any business to grow revenue and reduce costs.”

– Frank Conners, CEO, Extreme Data Control